Bombardier: a signal of our engineering excellence

Councillor Ranjit Banwait

Councillor Ranjit Banwait

Guest post by the Deputy Leader of the Council, Councillor Ranjit Banwait

Later today (Friday 28th February) the Mayor of Derby and I will welcome a delegation from Bombardier Transportation to the Council House for a special Mayoral reception.

We will be congratulating the Bombardier team on their successful bid for the Crossrail contract – a £1.3 billion contract that secures local jobs up and down the supply chain, and protects the future of the rail industry in Derby.

It’s a great moment not just for Bombardier but for the city as a whole. It proves yet again that Derby is a world centre for advanced engineering, particularly in the transport sector, and a powerhouse of the UK economy.

Just take a look at the AVENTRA train that Bombardier is developing, with its focus on reliability and engineering excellence. It just shows that if you need to push the boundaries in the fields of planes, trains or automobiles, then Derby’s skilled workers are the people to do it.

At the reception later today, I’ll be telling Bombardier that this administration has been proud to support them, and proud to have invested in the city’s economy through initiatives like the Derby Enterprise Growth Fund in order to create jobs and attract investment. It’s through initiatives like this and the upcoming Infinity Park Derby, and through exciting leisure and cultural developments like Derby Arena, that we have helped put Derby on the map and make it one of the top cities in Europe for investment potential.

On a day like today, I truly feel proud of Derby – and proud of the exciting future that lies ahead of us.

'Derby celebrates Bombardier'

One response to “Bombardier: a signal of our engineering excellence

  1. I totally agree. Greta credit to the whole city for rallying to the cause and supportign our manufactruing heritage. Helen

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